Live dealer online casinos are a natural expansion of the online gambling industry. Despite the best efforts of online gambling venues to prove the fairness of their Random Number Generator-based games, there are still skeptics who are probably never completely satisfied with the online casino venues as they might think the games are not always random and fair.
This is far away from being true, as every online gambling venue out there uses an RNG to provide fairness and randomness of the games. RNGs are also regularly tested and certified, so players can rest assured they are playing fair games. However, perception is often the reality, and those who don’t believe what they can’t see will probably never be completely satisfied. Enter Live Dealer online casinos.

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Live Flesh & Blood Dealer Games in Your Living Room

The best live online casinos provide the greatest online gambling experience available to any player out there looking for greater fun and high payout rates. Live streamed video with real dealers launching real balls and dealing real cards is the closest thing you can get to a land-based experience while playing online. The games offered in the live format are streamed in high-definition broadcast in real-time video feeds and playable on both your hand-held devices and desktop computers. The introduction of live dealer tables has brought the overall online gambling industry to a whole new level of professionalism.
Online casino Live Dealer GamesPeople playing their favorite games at best online live casinos, besides having so much fun, also tend to be more social as they interact with other players and dealers while enjoying the game. This social aspect of the online casino industry was always lacking in the past, when compared to traditional brick and mortar establishments. However, with the introduction of the live dealer online casino, this social aspect started blossoming as people interact more.
As soon as you pay a visit to a live casino online and as soon as you start playing your favorite games with a flesh and blood dealer, you will have an experience like no other. Live games really bridge that gap existing between the excitement of any land-based venue and all those perks you enjoy while playing your favorite games at an online gambling site. In addition, live dealer games come with amazing real cash bonuses and sometimes even big progressive jackpots up for grabs.

Enjoy Increased Levels of Social Interaction

Like we’ve already mentioned, live dealer casinos have really brought the missing social aspect to the online gambling industry. These days, players who play games at the live dealer tables have an opportunity to interact with the dealer during the gameplay and ask questions and express their concerns.
At first glance, any typical live game like live Roulette or live Baccarat works in a very similar manner to those standard online casino games we all love and play. When it comes to the player’s involvement, the majority of these games and the main functions are handled through a certain interface which includes a table layout, your chips, several buttons for placing your bets, and buttons used for some other actions during the gameplay depending on which game you play.

Bridging the Social Gap

The truth is, if you looked at a playing screen on any live dealer game, you might not be able to tell the difference at first glance. However, that area which surrounds the play functions screen is what live online casino games are all about. Exactly there, you will be able to see a real dealer managing the game you are playing, just like you can see a dealer in traditional land-based venues doing the same.
You are usually able to interact with your dealer at any time, which is exactly the same as when you are playing at a brick and mortar establishment. Using your screen, you will manage your gameplay and a real dealer is able to see what actions you want to take. Then he or she will act accordingly to your gameplay requests before your eyes in real time.
The dealer is commonly located on a set owned by a gaming company. However, in some instances, the dealer is situated in an actual land based venue. Live online casinos are one of the newest innovations in the online gambling industry. Being relatively new, not every online gambling venue offers live dealer games just yet. In addition, the range of games you can play with the human dealers online is limited but constantly growing.

Experience Online Gameplay with Real Dealers and in Real Time

Over the years since the very first online casino venue was introduced back in 1994, many innovations have been explored and tried to make online gambling sites feel more like that land-based environment. The most successful attempt was definitely the introduction of live dealer tables as these allow a player to finally experience that same atmosphere they get when they play their favorite games at those traditional casino venues.
Online Casino Live DealerPlayers can take online gambling to a whole another level without leaving their homes. A live online casino commonly is a part of an online casino venue which uses the real casino equipment and real dealers in order to manage the games and determine the results of every roll of the dice, every hand, and every spin. This differs from other online games which use RNGs or Random Number Generators to create results of every spin or a hand.
As we’ve already mentioned, some live online casino websites are set up in actual land-based casinos in order to stream the games, while some other venues decided to set up their own studios for streaming live games. Either way, the gameplay is the same no matter which live dealer game you play.

Understanding Intricacies of Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games work in the same manner as any other typical online casino game. An online game runs on a graphical interface as players push certain buttons to place their bets and make other actions. These are the exact same principles on which the majority of live dealer games work.
Live online casino games are played over a certain streaming video feed. This, in fact, allows players to watch the dealer and the table and see all the action in real time, as it happens. The dealers act just like in any land-based establishment. They talk to you, ask you to place your bets, and then make decisions based on your requests. Further, you still have an interface you use to choose what you want to do next and where you want to place your chips. That information is then relayed back to the dealer, who further can play out the spin or hand according to your instructions.
As soon as you join a live dealer casino we recommend here, you will be able to play your favorite games with real dealers and keep track of what is going on as there are many cameras placed around the table. When playing card games, you commonly can see cards being scanned, so your interface is showing you more clearly what cards are there on the table all the time.

From Roulette & Blackjack to Poker & Baccarat

As we already mentioned, the best live online casinos pay attention to providing that much needed social aspect which is lacking in other online gambling games you play at classic online gambling sites.
In some live dealer casinos, you won’t be able to chat all the time, but you can have some limited conversation from time to time during the gameplay. At most live casino websites, games offered in the live format are played for real money. Therefore, you can’t play live dealer games for free, which really makes sense as operating live games is quite expensive as the venues have to pay for the equipment, studio, and staff. In addition, there is a limited number of available tables in most studios, so the games are always reserved for those customers playing for real money.
Many classic casino games have been tried in this exciting live format, but only a few of them made it to the live dealer casinos. These include the most popular ones, like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Casino Hold’em, and more.

Blackjack is commonly available at every live online casino venue. Since it is the most popular table game, there is no wonder it also made it to the top in its live online format as well. The game, in fact, is a natural inclusion for this live format.
Another very popular live dealer game is baccarat. It is probably the favorite card game of high rollers. The game is very simple and easy to play while having amazing payout rates and offering a potential to win big money. When playing live baccarat, players easily get that more authentic gambling experience. These days more and more players decide to play live baccarat instead of playing classic online Baccarat as many of them have some superstitions regarding RNGs used.
Of course, there is also roulette. This is by far the most popular option as it can fit more players at one table at the same time. For instance, at some venues, live roulette tables may have unlimited capacity, so you won’t be waiting to get your spot at the roulette table. Roulette is very exciting and sociable, so it really makes sense to try live roulette as it is more enjoyable than playing on an electronic table. Other popular games you can play in live format include:

  • Live Caribbean Stud
  • Live Sic Bo
  • Live Hi-Lo
  • Live Casino Hold’em

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Benefits of Playing Live Dealer Games

There are many reasons for live online casinos and the games offered which make them very popular among worldwide players. Many players simply love the fact that live dealer games utilize those classic gambling devices, avoiding software-based RNGs.
Another advantage of playing live dealer games is that they offer the much needed social aspect, which is missing when playing standard online games. In any live dealer casino, players are able to interact with the dealer and sometimes even with other players. Players are also able to ask questions and express any concerns while playing their favorite games in the live format. There are also very sophisticated mobile apps specially tailored for live dealer games, so players also have an option to take the excitement with them while they are on the go.
Best online casino live dealer games offer that real gambling experience you enjoy from the coziness of your home. A live online casino is the closest it can get to those traditional land-based casinos and that is what attracts more and more players to try their favorite games in the live format.

Safe, Exciting, and Mobile

The best live online casinos also offer a bug-free, responsive, and secure mobile casino gambling experience, so you take the excitement of playing those games with you whenever you feel like playing on your smartphone or tablet. Best live online casinos also offer the greatest safety and very high payout rates, so players, in fact, can earn some big money playing live games.

We can’t fail to mention that sites listed here also offer amazing bonuses, promotions, and offers for both new and regular players.

To sum it up, advantages of playing live dealer games include:

  • Generous bonuses and promotions
  • Higher bet limits
  • Social interaction
  • Realism of the gameplay
  • Variety of secure payment options
  • Attractive and professional dealers
  • Different types of live games
  • Great live dealer mobile experience
  • Strong customer support

Online Casino Live Dealer mobile games

Who Makes Them Best? Popular Live Casino Software Providers

The best gambling sites provide live dealer games powered by the leading software providers in the industry. More software providers mean greater ranger for different games. Playing live dealer games is one of the best ways to spice things up a little bit and take a break from playing those traditional games.

Playing live dealer games you are also able to interact just as you would do in any traditional land-based venue and there is nothing like interacting with other players and the dealer to make a game more authentic and realistic. This social aspect has always been one important part of the overall gambling experience which lacks in classic online casino games. Fortunately, live online casinos add this real world element to their games as a great way of recapturing those feelings experienced in the brick and mortar casinos.

Popular Live Dealer Providers

When it comes to software providers, those leading companies are always working on providing a greater number and more exciting games. These days, staying at the very top means being innovative and unique. Leading software developers know that and they act accordingly, always introducing new games in the live format. The leading software developers of live dealer games are:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Global Gaming Labs
  • Actual Gaming
  • Extreme Live Gaming
  • HoGaming
  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Medialive Casino
  • NetPlay TV

Therefore, before you embark on this exciting journey and start playing your favorite casino game in the live format, check the list of software providers. If you see some of these names, you can rest assured that the quality of the games is top-notch. In addition, before you go out there and find yourself playing at a live dealer casino, make sure you check our list of the best live online casinos offering different live games combined with lucrative bonuses and promotions to get the best deal possible.

Conclusion: The Rise of the Online Gambling Advanced by New Technologies

Online casino games come with high payouts, there are no more those crowded places, and people don’t have to wait for their turn as it is just them and the dealers. So, there is no more waiting for other players to make their move. As we’ve already mentioned, the introduction of the live dealer casinos was the next logical step to provide a worldwide player base with even greater and better online gambling experience.
As live streaming technologies advanced and internet connection speeds improved, so did the quality of the leading online gambling platforms. Therefore, today you can play your favorite casino games in high-quality resolution, using the latest technology advancements for the ultimate online gambling experience.

Those who want to take the online gambling to a whole another level often opt to play live dealer games which are the closest you can get to the land-based casino and that real gambling feeling without leaving the comfort of your home. Today, there are numerous live dealer venues offering the most popular games like Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack in live format streamed using the top-notch technology and brought to your home in real time.