Believed to be the closest thing to the originally developed game from the 1600s, French roulette is considered by many players to be the best of all genre variants. In fact, all other popular variants that exist in land-based and online casinos today are simply modified versions of French roulette. Are the French roulette rules different from those of other versions of the genre? What strategies can be implemented here? In this gaming guide, you will find the answers to these questions, as well as discover a few tips that might help you out in your gaming session.

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The French Roulette Rules Are Incredibly Easy to Learn

The French Roulette
The first thing to mention about French roulette is the wheel; in fact, it was the first one to feature a single “zero” pocket painted in green. In addition to the zero pocket, there are thirty-six others, numbered from 1 to 36, half of which are painted in black, the other half in red. Although the French roulette wheel seems to be quite standard to nearly all other types out there, it is the bet layout that makes this variant stand out from the others.

French Roulette Table Bets Appear to Be Simpler

The first thing to notice on a French roulette table layout are the words that are written in the betting fields. As per tradition, they are written in the French language – Manque, Passe, Impair, Pair, etc., but they translate to the basic meaning of the type of bet a player is going to make. When compared to other forms of this game, onlookers will quickly realize that the even-money bet fields in the French roulette game are distributed on the top and bottom part of the table layout, rather than just on the bottom part. This is done to avoid confusion with already placed bets when a gaming round is in progress.

A Game Type That Is Defined as Having the Lowest House Edge

When compared to the American version of the game that has more than a 5% house edge, the French roulette is a bit more forgiving, with its approximate house edge of 2.7%. This is due to the fact that the game has a single zero pocket. Some experts even say that this edge is even further reduced (all the way down to 1.35%) if a player places a wager on an “even money bet”.

Wagering on Inside and Outside Bets

The basic concept for betting on this game starts from the “inside and outside” terms. Inside bets refer to any wagers that are made on any number from 0 to 36. On the other hand, any type of grouping that combines a large quantity of numbers into a single wager is called an outside bet. Below, you can see the names of all possible French roulette bets as well as their classification.

Inside Bets

  • straight/single (any type of single number bet)
  • split/double (any bet placed on the edge of two neighboring numbers)
  • corner (a bet that affects four numbers at the same time)
  • street (a bet placed on either side of the bet layout that affects three numbers)
  • double street/ six-line (one bet that’s placed at the edge of two sets of three numbers each, affecting six numbers in total)
  • trio (when a bet is placed on the inside corner of a zero number, affecting either 0-1-2 or 0-2-3)
  • first four (when a bet is placed on the outer corner of a 0, which affects 0-1-2-3)

Outside Bets

  • Manque/Low (affects all numbers from 1 to 18)
  • Passe/ High (affects all numbers from 19 to 36)
  • Rouge/Red (affects all numbers with a red color)
  • Noir/Black (affects all numbers with a black color)
  • Pair/Even (affects all even numbers, except 0)
  • Impair/Odd (affects all odd numbers)
  • Premiere, Moyenne, Derniere/First, Second, Third Dozens (affected numbers from 1-12, 13-24, and from 25-36)

Inside and Outside Bets

French Roulette Online Might Feature an Additional “Racetrack” Betting Layout

Some online casinos may feature a French roulette game that has an additional bet layout called the “racetrack”. It essentially represents the game’s wheel but is stretched out in an ellipse form with the following words inside of it – Jou 0, Voisins, Orphelins, and Tiers. Each of those words will represent a selection of numbers; however, placing a bet on either of those designations won’t be specified as an outside bet but rather multiple singles. For example:

  • Jou 0 – 15, 32, 0, 26, 3, 35 ,12
  • Voisins – 19, 4, 21, 2, 25, 28, 7, 29, 18, 22
  • Orphelins – 17, 34, 6, 9, 31, 14, 20, 1
  • Tiers – 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33

We should note that the racetrack layout is by no means a standard feature in this game. While it is quite prominent in the online version of the game, it is basically an additional bet shortcut. When the time for placing a wager is limited, players like to use the racetrack when implementing a variety of other betting strategies.

The La Partage Rule Can Be Quite Favorable to the Player

La Partage (a variant of the “En Prison” rule) is a particular gameplay condition that is often implemented in French roulette. Essentially, it gives the player a little leeway when losing an even money bet. For example, if you place a bet on red, black, even, or odd, and the ball lands in a 0 pocket, only half of the bet will be taken by the casino, while the other half will be returned to the player. Although it is generally accepted that La Partage is a default rule for French roulette, a good number of online and land-based casinos do not implement it, especially in the USA.

Players Prefer French Roulette for Many Reasons

Although all types of roulettes can be exciting, the French type is definitely considered to be among the most chill ones. The relatively low house edge it has, combined with the simple betting layout, makes it a preferred choice for both beginners and seasoned players. The additional racetrack layout feature is also a definite positive, and in most French roulette online games, players can toggle its visibility on and off. Another interesting fact is that the French roulette payout table is nearly identical to that of all other variants, which is another good reason people prefer playing this particular game type.
Players Prefer French Roulette

You Can Find a French Roulette Mobile Version in Almost All Online Casinos

As a popular variant, it doesn’t come as a surprise that French roulette is usually optimized for all types of mobile devices. What this means is that you can easily experience this game on both Android and iOS devices. The only thing you should know about before loading it up on your smartphone or tablet is the fact that nearly all French roulette games with mobile compatibility will appear in landscape orientation.

French Live Roulette Might Not Be Widely Spread, but It Is Still Played

Although the European variant of the game is much more present in the portfolios of live dealer online casinos, French Roulette is still present in the live dealer sections of the most renowned online casinos today. Companies like Evolution Gaming do offer French roulette in their portfolio. Experiencing this game in a live dealer environment is a wonderful thing, and if you haven’t tried but you’re looking forward to it, then you will be in for a ride.

Guide Conclusion – An Ideal Roulette Variant for Beginners

If you’ve never played any type of a roulette game before, then the French variant is a good place to start. The simplicity of the rules and the complete table layout make this game quite enjoyable and allow you to try out a variety of personal strategies. If you’re someone who has been interested in the roulette online casino genre, then you might just enjoy French roulette in all its glory. With the knowledge we have provided you with, you will definitely be able to find your way on any French roulette table.