While the origins of the game date back to the early 1600s, it was at the beginning of the 1800s when the American roulette wheel was first invented. Officially, American roulette became the third most popular version of the genre due to the addition of new rules and regulations. What makes this particular version different from the others? Are there any significant benefits or drawbacks to it? In this American roulette game review, we will provide you with an in-depth explanation of what the game is, as well as what to watch out for when you’re playing it – let’s go!

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Rules of the Game – The American Roulette Wheel Demands Your Proper Prediction

American Roulette

There are two main elements that make up the entire American roulette experience – the wheel and the betting layout. On the wheel itself, there are 38 numbers in total, while on the betting field, there will be 46 positions where players can place their bets.

While the American roulette rules aren’t that different from those of other roulette variants, there is one specific detail that will help every player recognize whether or not they are looking at an American wheel or not – and it is the presence of a “double zero” symbol. If you see that the wheel has two green pockets on its face containing a single and a double zero, you will immediately know that you’re playing the American roulette game.

What Type of Bets Can You Make in the American Roulette Game?

Before the wheel starts turning and a ball is released to spin in a circle, players will need to choose what kind of bet they would like to make. American roulette payouts will be determined whether or not a player has made the right prediction on their side. Regardless of the type of roulette you’re playing, all bets are divided into two major groups – inside bets and outside bets. Here is how you can distinguish them.

Inside Bets Are All about the Numbers

Everything that you see on the face of an American roulette wheel layout is considered to be the representation of the inside bets. Whether you would like to place a wager on a single number or a few of them simultaneously, as long as you don’t group them by any other factor, those wagers will be considered as “inside bets”.

Every number from 00 to 36 is viewed as an opportunity for an inside bet. The chances of hitting a single number are only 2.63% but will also have a 35:1 payout odd, which means that your $1 can easily turn into a reward of $36! Although a player can bet separately on several numbers, they can also do that with a single bet as well.

For example, if the player places a chip on the cross-section of four numbers, the payout odds there will be 8 to 1 (also called the “corner bet). Naturally, you can use a single chip to bet on 2, 4, and 6 numbers at the same time. The more numbers are included in a single chip bet, the less their payout odds will be; however, their probability chance will be higher as well.

Inside Bets

Outside Bets – Mostly Preferred by Beginner Players

You will notice that on the side of the bet layout of the American roulette table, there are fields that are designated as 1 to 18, even, red, black, even, odd, 19 to 36, 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, and three vertical sets of numbers that are designated as “2:1” (also called a column bet). A good rule of thumb here is that the lower the payout odds for a particular bet are, the higher will be its probability chance for success.

For example, there is a 47.37% chance for success on bets that are considered to be equal, such as even, odd, red, black. They will pay 1:1 – which means that if you bet $1 on Black, and the ball lands on a black number, you will receive $2 – $1 from your original bet, and $1 profit from the game. Simply by knowing this, you can already formulate your own basic American roulette strategy.

When it comes to betting on a block or a column of a dozen numbers, the payout odds here will be 2:1. For example, if you win a bet of $1, you will receive a payout of $3. Although this is much better, the probability chance of winning а successful dozens bet, is going to be 31.58%.

The American Version of Roulette – The Most Exciting One

A roulette wheel with two zeroes has a much bigger house edge (5.26%) – which is bad news for the player. So why do people still prefer playing it? There are two main answers to this question – the first one is that due to the increased house edge, the spin of the wheel before the ball lands is defined as a “highly exhilarating” sensation by many players. Putting the adrenaline rush aside, the other major reason why the American version of this game is so popular, is simply because it is widely spread.

When the American roulette was introduced to the “new continent”, it already had two zero symbols on it. It is only natural that in these days, very few people knew a thing or two about probability or house edge in general and simply started playing it. Today, the American-style wheel has become an iconic staple for all US casinos, and in the majority of cases, it is the only type of roulette wheel that can be found there.

The American Version of Roulette

The Game Is Superbly Optimized for Playing On the Go

Like the others, American roulette is a game that is superbly implemented into the online space. In fact, many old-school land-based casino players have found a “second wind” in their passion for roulette in cyberspace, as it gives them a number of other benefits that are lacking in a real setting. The first one is speed – everyone can place and/or cancel bets with the click of a mouse or a touch of a finger on a mobile device. The second one, is the access to information – American roulette online offers a lot more resources for learning the game in its entirety!

The Live Online Casino Versions of the Game Are Outstanding

When it comes to playing live dealer American roulette in an online casino environment, there are many things that impress the players. First and foremost, is the game’s transparency – online roulette games are very strictly regulated by various institutions, which makes them incredibly safe to play. Then, there are the extremely detailed casino studio sets that look absolutely stunning, which manage to immerse everyone that’s playing the game straight away!

The Live Online Casino Game Versions

Play Smart on American Roulette and You Just Might Be Surprised

There are tons of American roulette strategies that manage to help players get a different perspective on the whole thing. On the other hand, regardless of the gameplay tactic, you would like to implement, bear in mind that they are mostly meant to be a novelty feature rather than a sure-fire way to beat the house. Regardless, if you decide to try American roulette online, you just might enjoy it!