Blackjack is beyond any doubt one of the most popular casino games at land-based and online casinos alike. There is a huge number of online blackjack casinos where you can play the game and finally bring that real gambling experience to your home. Thanks to different variants of the game like Vegas Strip, Multi-Hand, and European, to name a few, the game has become one of the most played casino games in existence.
The boom of online casinos has given gambling fans access to an amazing range of new blackjack variations and different betting options, so the game remains the king of the casino since the very beginning of online casino industry back in 1994. That year marked the beginning of a new gambling scene when one of the most prominent software developers, Microgaming, introduced the first online casino venue. This very first online casino website offered several games including blackjack, which is a true gambling pioneer.

Top BlackJack Casinos


Game Rules: Let’s not Go Bust

Online blackjack, just like the game played at land-based casinos, is a classic game of comparing cards. The object of the game is to draw a hand the value of which is higher than the dealer’s hand without the total exceeding 21. If you go over 21, then you lose or go bust. In the game, cards from 2 through 10 are worth their face values. On the other hand, all face cards (jacks, queens, and kings) are worth 10. An ace can have the value of both 1 and 11. A hand containing an ace which is counted as 11 is called a soft hand, while a hand with an ace which is counted as one (1) is called a hard hand.
When you place your bet, you will immediately receive two cards facing up. The dealer will also receive a card facing up. There are some Blackjack variants where at the beginning of the game, the dealer receives two cards facing up. In the case when your two initial cards make a total of 21, that means you have Blackjack and you won that round. The standard payout for blackjack is 3 to 2 on your initial real money bet.
On the other hand, if the dealer also has a hand totaling 21, you two are tied. That hand is a push, and your initial stake rides on the following hand. The ideal scenario is getting blackjack right away, but if you are not that lucky, you have several other options including:

  • Stand: Choose not to draw any more additional cards in the round and leave the next move to the dealer.
  • Hit: Take another card to get closer to 21. You can draw as many cards as you wish until you get 21 or go bust.
  • Split: When being dealt the same two cards, you can split the cards, double your initial bet and play both hands separately.

When it comes to the dealer’s play, the dealer also has several options including some stock moves which are mandatory. When it is his or her move, the dealer has to turn his down card. Depending on their hand and its total, they have several options including:

  • The dealer must hit when their hand total is 16 or less
  • The dealer must stand when their hand total is 17 or more
  • In some games, the dealer must hit when they have a soft 17 (like a 6 and an Ace)

Classic Blackjack Standard Betting Limits

Understanding the Insurance Bet

Blackjack rules may vary between online blackjack casinos, but in its essence, the game is the same. Different blackjack versions have slightly different rules, but learning the ones described above will prepare you for your blackjack round.
Another important rule in online blackjack we have to mention is taking insurance. You have an option to take insurance in the instance when the dealer’s hand has an Ace that is facing up. When you take insurance, you are paying another bet that is equal to half of your initial real money bet in the event that the dealer’s additional second card will get him blackjack. The insurance pays two to one and is, generally speaking, a losing proposition. There is no good time to make an insurance bet and you should avoid it.

Online Blackjack Tournaments: Reach the Final Table

Both land-based and online blackjack is about playing your hands for cash. If you join online Blackjack tournaments, you can ante up at any online Blackjack casino and win bigger money. When you decide to join an online Blackjack tournament, you have to pay an entry fee.
As soon as you are done, you, alongside other players, will be assigned seats at the table. You will start the game with a certain amount of chips, quite the same as in any poker tournament, for example. The ultimate aim is to end Blackjack rounds with the biggest amount of chips in front of you. The player who has the biggest amount of chips at the end of the round advances to the following round of the tournament.
In addition, the player with the least amount of chips is eliminated. If you reach a final table you will play with the remaining players. At the final table, payouts are split according to a certain percentage system among the top players.

Mobile and Live Blackjack: Tailored for Your Ultimate Gambling Experience

Online Casinos Offer Blackjack for Mobile DevicesBesides playing online Blackjack tournaments, you have an option to play Live Blackjack and mobile blackjack. Today, the majority of online casino venues offer both mobile and live games. The mobile version can be played on a majority of portable devices running on Android or iOS, so you can take the excitement of playing blackjack wherever you go. You also have an option to play Live Blackjack from the comfort of your home. Live Blackjack is the ultimate gambling experience where you play the game real-time with real dealers without leaving your home. Live dealer games are streamed using the latest video streaming technology and brought directly to your home.

Strategy and Tips: Turn the Odds in Your Favor

Different online Blackjack variants come with a different house edge. All of the variants you will find online follow the basic rules of blackjack and usually offer side bets like Perfect Pairs or 21 + 3, as well as some additional options like switching cards between hands or playing a duel against the dealer. These will brig in some diversity and make the gameplay more entertaining but they will also alter the house edge so before you start your game, make sure you know the casino edge of the most popular game’s variants.

  • Blackjack Switch: 0.17%
  • Blackjack Surrender: 0.38%
  • Perfect Blackjack: 0.42%
  • Double Attack Blackjack: 0.47%
  • Progressive Blackjack: 0.47%
  • Blackjack Peek: 0.58%
  • 21 Duel Blackjack: 0.62%

The lower the house edge is, the better. The house edge of these variants is quite low, so you won’t make a mistake by playing any of them as you have decent chances of going home with a great amount in your pockets.

Basic Blackjack Strategy: Your Best Companion

Basic Online Blackjack Strategy ChartSince you know blackjack rules and the betting system, it is the right time to learn more about online blackjack strategy. As a beginner, the best option is to go with the Basic blackjack strategy in order to increase your odds of winning while reducing the casino edge. The basic online blackjack strategy tells you when to hit, when to split, and when to stand.
This is the basic online blackjack strategy you should follow in order to increase your winning odds and decrease the casino edge. You can follow this strategy no matter which version you play. There are several other Blackjack tips you should memorize as they can help you win the game.

  • Always split pairs of 8s and aces
  • Never split pairs of 6s and 10s
  • Don’t take insurance
  • Let the dealer go over 21
  • Always Double Down on 11 or 10
  • No card counting is possible in online Blackjack

Conclusion: The Best from Online Casino Industry at Your Fingertips

The most important part of playing online blackjack is to never forget to have fun. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and it offers the ultimate gambling experience while being very entertaining. In order to increase your odds of success, you should always follow the Basic blackjack strategy listed above. Also, keep in mind to stay cool-headed as you will be able to make better decisions while playing the game.
There is no wonder online blackjack is one of the most popular games, as it offers everything a gambler might ask for. The majority of online blackjack casinos offer different variants of the game accompanied with generous blackjack bonuses. Players also enjoy in Live Blackjack streamed from modern studios in real time. The game has become the centerpiece of both land-based and online casino venues totally deserving its place as the king of the casino. Wait no more and put your blackjack skills and luck to the test, by visiting our recommended online casinos, and finally turn the odds in your favor.