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In the sea of different sites out there, it isn’t always easy to figure out which ones really offer the best bargain for your money. Some of them may offer enticing bonuses, for example, but it is hard to know what they are like when it comes to withdrawal speeds and customer support. We make it our job to check all these things so you wouldn’t have to, ensuring you always play only at top internet casinos in every sense of the word.

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Top Casino Guide You Can Trust 100%

Online casinos honest guideAs we’ve already mentioned, this online guide is your most trusted companion on this amazing venture. We are 100% focused on your enjoyment and fun. Our team of experts is devoted to examining the online gambling industry, so we are able to say we bring you only online casino sites offering the best service in the industry.

Here, you will find only the safest gaming sites with a wide range of different games. If you are looking for the best online casino sites currently offering their services in the market, then keep reading and find out:

  • Which online venues are the safest and best choice for playing your favorite games for real money
  • How to take advantage of generous hidden bonuses and promotions and grow your bankroll rapidly as you turn odds in your favor
  • Game guides, tips, and strategy advice, which will make you an all-around better online gambler and more informed player
  • How to enjoy playing your favorite games on the go with the best mobile casinos in the industry
  • Learn more about different banking methods offered by the industry leaders
  • Learn more about odds for various games and how to grow your bankroll rapidly on the casino’s dime
  • …and much more

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How We Rate Our Online Casinos

To better understand why you should trust the advice and suggestions found on these pages, it is best if we explain the process behind what we do. We review online gambling sites taking into account several important features every online casino venue should include. We profoundly check:
how we rate the online casinos

  • Legality of online casinos
  • Technology used
  • Gaming portfolio
  • Mobile and Live dealer games availability
  • Welcome bonuses and regular promotions
  • Frequency of bonuses and promotions
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Security, safety, and fairness
  • Customer support department
  • Withdrawal and deposit methods available

The online gambling industry was one of the first markets to be fully established in the virtual world. It has grown at a rapid rate as new technologies have emerged. Today, you have an option to play your favorite games at hundreds of different online casino venues as the competition is growing stronger by the day.

This means you can easily make a mistake putting your money on the table at some non-regulated and not reliable online site. Therefore, it is essential to always check and double-check everything before you trust an online gaming site with your money. The fact is, compared to some other industries, online casinos industry is relatively unregulated.

The industry, in fact, relies on a capitalist form of self-regulation that stems mainly from the affiliate-style advertising as a marketing method. However, despite great measures developed by governments, there are many fraudulent online casinos you definitely should avoid.

Instead, play at safe online casinos that have proven to be reliable and trustworthy. In order to bring you only the best, we check several important aspects of legality, security and fairness, customer support department, software used, and the variety of games offered. This way, we are hundred percent sure to provide you with the best the industry has to offer.

Understand What Truly Matters: Game Selection, Security & Payouts

When deciding on where to do your gambling, picking a site with a lot of quality games to choose from is important for most players. Giving yourself a decent number of options is usually a good idea as this will give you more chances to find a “hot” machine and win big.
For that reason, game selection is one of the few crucial things we look at when deciding whether to place an online casino on our recommended list. This isn’t to say that there aren’t quality sites with fewer games, but having a decent library available to players is always a big plus. These days, gaming venues are competing to bring more to their players, regularly updating their selection of titles with the latest releases and fresh providers. We recognize these efforts and try to assign them value in our reviews while keeping an eye out for other relevant factors as well.
online casino games

Your Money & Your Safety Are Crucial

Another, perhaps an even more important thing, which separates the best from the rest, is the way they treat their customers, i.e. players. When you decide to join a gambling site, there are two aspects most people are primarily concerned about: safety of their money and protection of their information. When it comes to how online casinos handle their players’ money, we aren’t open to any compromises, and you shouldn’t be, either. Gambling is based on a premise of money exchanging hands. Usually, the house wins and players walk away with empty pockets. However, every now and then, players end up on the winning side of things.

When this happens, you want to be sure your winnings will be paid promptly, without any deliberate delays or tactics to get you to play more and lose the money back to the casino. Any site that can’t properly handle players’ withdrawals is not worth your time or your patronage. In fact, this is the biggest red flag there is to steer clear. Likewise, living in the time where information is power, you want to know your personal details are kept safe at all times. Serious gaming sites employ top-notch security protocols and personnel to make sure their players’ data never fall into wrong hands.

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The Online Gambling Boom

In the modern world it is almost impossible to imagine our lives without great benefits of the Internet. Many of us rely on the Internet in various aspects and World Wide Web has become an important part of our everyday lives. The Internet, in fact, has a massive impact on our social interaction, our work, education and everything else. The way we communicate with each other, the way we go out there and shop, the way we do our business and much more is quite influenced by the Internet.

From very humble beginnings, the online gambling industry has become a business that is worth billions of dollars. Today, there are hundreds of online casino sites providing various casino games, features, and services to their players coming from all over the world. Today, almost anyone with an Internet connection can access an online gaming site in no time and start playing their favorite casino games for real money.

Born in 1994

The online gambling industry had its beginnings back in 1994 when the very first online casino venue was born. This year marked the introduction of the online casino venues. This is the year when Antigua and Barbuda passed its Free Trade & Processing act. Under the terms of this island nation’s act, licenses could be granted to firms that wanted to provide different gambling services online. Since then, the online gambling industry has grown to become a multi-billion industry, accumulating vast amounts of money every year as more and more players decide to play their favorite games online rather than at land-based casinos.
history of the online gambling
Since 1994 when one of the most prominent software developers Microgaming introduced the first online casino, the industry has grown at a truly astonishing pace. As technology advances, the industry also grows as new venues are introduced all the time. The introduction of first online casino venues also meant the introduction of several gambling technology companies. Many online casino venues use third party technology that is provided by some of the leading software developers like Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt.
Some of the leading software providers supply their services to those top online casinos, so you may notice similarities at different online casino sites. The creativity and innovations of these companies have been more than instrumental in the way the industry has been developed. Today, there are numerous software developers providing their services to various gaming sites.
Some of the most prominent companies include:

  • Microgaming
  • Yggdrasil Gaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Realtime Gaming
  • Novomati
  • IGT
  • Thunderkick
  • Play’n GO
  • NextGen Gaming
  • Betsoft Gaming
  • Cryptologic

Microgaming, alongside the likes of NetEnt and Playtech, has played an important role in the development of the online casino industry in general. These companies have played vital roles in the development of technology that is required to power online casino games, customer support services, financial systems, and much more.

The Industry that’s Always Changing

The early online casinos were very much basic in comparison to what is available to players these days. However, these very first online casino sites were considered groundbreaking at that time. Those who are already familiar with the online casino industry would probably be very disappointed with those first online casino venues and by those services offered back then in the 90s.
Back in that time, the range of available games was very limited and the software used was nothing like the software used today. However, it was new technology, so it was more than impressive. Soon, more and more companies started to introduce their online casino venues. This also meant that the software used has been improving ever since. Therefore, today you have a wide range of various games offered in both mobile and live formats. Some of the main events regarding the history of online gambling industry include:

  • 1994: In Antigua and Barbuda the Free Trade and Processing Zone acts are passed, one of the leading software development companies Microgaming is established
  • 1995: Microgaming established the very first online casino venue, Cryptologic is introduced
  • 1996: Cryptologic launches its casino
  • 1998: Microgaming introduces the very first online slot with a progressive jackpot
  • 2001: Online gambling legalized in the United Kingdom, Playtech introduced the very first live dealer online casino
  • 2003: The Poker Boom took place, eCOGRA introduced in the United Kingdom
  • 2005: Gambling act passed in the United Kingdom
  • 2012: The introduction of mobile casinos for Windows, Android, and iOS devices
  • 2015: Every newly introduced casino game developed became mobile-friendly

The overall standard of technology used in online casino venues has been greatly improving over the years. Companies listed above have been some of the leading software developers almost from the very beginning, currently powering hundreds of different online casino sites. Themed slots, progressive jackpots, and multiplayer games were just a few of the things which significantly helped online casino industry become what it is today – a global market turning over billions of dollars and attracting millions of players every day.  

Taking Things to the Next Level: Social Gaming & VR

Over the years, gaming industry has changed and evolved to keep the pace with the demands on the new wave of players. Initially, it was enough to offer some slots and table games to make everyone happy, but as times changed, people started demanding more. Always looking to keep their customers happy, gaming sites have started to adopt new trends and create products that would fit their needs and demands. That’s how social casinos were born.
social and virtual reality gambling

The Strange Case of Social Gambling

When you think about gambling, you usually think about money and winnings (and losses, of course). Up until recently, these terms were inseparable and no one would even think there could be gambling without money involved. However, it seems this isn’t the case, judged by the emergence of various social gaming sites. A whole new branch of the online gambling industry, social casinos have been growing stronger and more influential over the years. Today, this particular branch is worth billions in its own right.
The idea behind these social gambling sites is different from the one behind traditional online casinos. Instead of monetary gains and losses, it is driven by the sheer excitement of winning, even if the winnings have no actual value in the real world. People simply enjoy playing games and accumulating play money, all the while competing to beat the high scores of their fellow players.

Recognizing this social aspect and the fact people spend a lot of time playing social games on networks such as Facebook, the industry has started to adapt as well. A number of game developers these days deliver titles that are eerily similar to games such as Candy Crush or Farm Heroes Saga. This familiarity and new levels of interaction keep players happy and coming for more.

Virtual Reality: The Future of Online Gambling?

All these advancements have made gambling online much more appealing and interesting. However, this is just a small part of what’s likely ahead of us in the future. If anything, the casino industry has put modern technologies to good use, and that’s likely to continue moving forward. We’re talking about virtual reality (VR) here, which is slowly but surely entering the world of online gambling. Although VR equipment is still a bit too expensive to be used on a large scale, the industry is getting ready for the time when this is going to change and VR devices will become standard household items, much like TVs and computers today.
A few casinos have already ventured into the world of virtual reality, trying to offer their players a proper life-like experience. Of course, these attempts are still in their early stages, so they leave much to be desired, but still give us an idea of what might be ahead. Online gambling of the future will likely be an experience appealing to all of our senses and giving us a feel like we are on a casino floor, playing our favorite games and hanging out with other players. This is likely the next big boom, which is bound to once again hugely boost the popularity of the entire gaming industry.

Just Like the Real Thing: Live Dealer Casinos

We may not be there just yet with virtual reality, but players still can get a life-like experience when playing online thanks to live dealer casinos. These feature real flesh and blood dealers dealing various table games, such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Caribbean Stud, and much more. As technology has advanced, live dealer games have been introduced, first by Microgaming and Playtech and later by other software developers such as Evolution Gaming. These days, players have limitless options when it comes to online gambling experience.
Live dealer tables are hugely popular with the players for more reasons than one. First and foremost, those worried about electronic games being “rigged” and not paying back the percentage they should, can put their doubts aside. With real-life dealers, you get to see the roulette ball spinning and actual cards being dealt, so there is no need for any worry or suspicion. Furthermore, these tables give players a chance to experience a real casino from the comfort of their own homes. They don’t only get to place their bets and participate in the game as it unfolds but they can also chat with the dealers and, sometimes, other players, truly rounding up the experience.
live dealer online casino games - roulette
The majority of advanced, safe and trusted online casinos offer live dealer games that are the closest thing to those casino games played at land-based casinos. Live dealer games provide the ultimate online gambling experience and take gambling to a whole another level of excitement. If you are looking for the greatest online gambling adventure, you will definitely play some of the most popular games in a live format like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, Sic Bo, and Casino Hold’em.

Play With No Restrictions: Mobile Gambling

mobile casino games - android, iOS, windowsMobile gambling is another more recent development. Mobile casino games are offered at the majority of trusted casino sites, so players have an option to take the excitement of online gambling with them wherever they go. You can play your favorite casino game on every smartphone or tablet running on Android, Windows, and iOS. These days, you don’t even need to download or install any apps. Most sites are based on flash or the new HTML5 technology, which means all the games and options can be accessed from mobile browsers.

In the time where people carry their mobile phones with them wherever they go, it is only natural online casinos want to keep up and stay relevant. Being always available to your customers is an imperative these days and that’s why most leading online venues provide for mobile options alongside more traditional ones.

Staying Safe: Don’t Put Your Trust Where It’s not Warranted

The online gambling industry is quite restricted by some governments. For instance, France and the United States are two countries commonly facing issues regarding regulations. Therefore, many software providers especially those leading in the industry like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech prevent players from particular locations form registering accounts or playing their games.

Licensing jurisdictions also constantly work on preventing illegal online casinos from providing their services to players. Despite all that, there are still quite a few rogue operations trying to lure in players with false promises they can’t and don’t intend to keep. It is hard for you alone to keep track of everything and that’s one of the reasons for the existence of this site: to keep you safe and provide you only with the best and most reliable options out there.

We do safety and background checks before we place a site on our top online casinos’ list. We perform an investigation on several key points that show us whether an site is reliable or not. Some of the most important criteria are licensing, security, and fairness. We check if the software is fully encrypted over SSL. We also do a background check on the company and who is behind it, to make sure it isn’t an old rogue casino established under a new name.

Top security is one of the most important features of every online gambling venue. We take security and safety very seriously in our reviews. We first research casino’s licenses and regulations. Then we look if they are supervised by some trusted bodies such as eCogra. If the casino passes all of these tests, we can say that it is a safe online casino. Then we move to other criteria before placing it on our list of our recommended places to play. All of our top picks come with proper licenses from some well-respected jurisdictions such as Alderney, Malta, Gibraltar or the UK.

What Makes the Wheels Turn: Technology Powering Top Online Casinos

The best gambling sites offering their services to players commonly use the latest technology in order to provide the best online gambling experience possible. First online venues began using very simple HTML code accompanied with JavaScript. Soon enough, as computers have advanced, the quality of online gaming sites also advanced.

Top online casinos these days use the latest technology available. Besides checking the technology, we also pay attention to software used. Better software means a better quality of games provided. We list only those sites using the software powered by the leading developer companies. We also make sure these gambling destinations offer fair play, are tested by auditors, and use only certified Random Number Generators.

Colorful World of Top Casino Games

Before we include any casino here, we check its gaming portfolio. As mentioned, leading online venues listed here have a wide range of different casino games offered from classic games like baccarat, slots, keno, video pokers, and blackjack to exciting live dealer games. The best gambling sites are powered by the most prominent software, so you simply can’t make a mistake with them. We also test how fast the process of registering is before you are able to play your favorite casino games.

The most popular games these days are video slots, and most players want to have a wide range of titles to choose from. If you are not a video slots fan, then you might want to try various versions of roulette, blackjack, video poker, and dice games. Top casino sites offer exactly that – a wide range of various games you can play for real money.

Some online venues also offer free games. This means you have an opportunity to try any game for free before you decide to play for real money. The best gambling sites also offer lucrative bonuses and regular promotions for certain games and on special occasions.

As web technologies advance, online casinos are becoming more adaptable. If you come across an online casino using only one software platform and being focused on one group of customers, you should perhaps stay away. You don’t want to play there as features are quite limited. You want to play at a site offering instant-play, mobile gaming, and live dealer games. You want a casino that follows the latest technological advances offering a wide range of casino games powered by the most prominent developers.

Moving Money Around: Best Online Casinos Offer a Variety of Options

casino payments options - cards, online wallets, bank transfersAs we’ve already stated, before we place a site on our list of top online casinos, we check a variety of banking methods available. Payment options make a very important part of every online gambling site. We check which deposit and withdrawal methods are available, as well as withdrawal pending times, as no one wants to wait for days before their winnings are available.

We only list the best gambling sites that offer various methods like credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. It is also important whether an online venue provides e-wallets options like Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller.

One of the most important features of every online casino venue is the speed with which you can cash out winnings. The best gambling sites offer both wide ranges of different banking methods and fast cashouts. You should never have to wait too long after your withdrawal request.

Be Treated the Way You Deserve: Bonuses, Promos, and Jackpots

Top rated online casinos offer amazingly generous bonuses and promotions, alongside extraordinary jackpots, so players have an opportunity to eventually head home with massive winnings in their pockets. In our online casino guide, we advise you how to take advantage of those hidden casino bonuses and rapidly grow your bankroll on the casino’s dime.

We also try to give you tips how to become a more informed as well as all-around better gambler. In order to increase your bankroll, you have to play at top online venues offering generous bonuses and regular promotions.

Playing for Big Bucks

mega moolah - massive jackpot in this online casino slot gameMany gambling sites have at least one kind of a jackpot offer. The biggest jackpots are those progressive jackpots which work in the same way like at any brick and mortar establishment. The jackpot prize pool is made of a portion of every bet every player makes on the games.

Some progressive jackpots are restricted to a certain game like Microgaming’s progressive slot Mega Moolah. There are also some jackpots linked to a batch of certain games that commonly share the same theme. Either way, you want to play these games offered at the best online gambling sites. Bigger progressive jackpots mean better potential winnings for you.

Get Spoiled With Bonuses

The current state of the online gambling industry is called a bonus culture. Bonuses and promotions are the primary way top sites attract more players. They are also the way of staying in the game and being ahead of the ever-growing competition. The most popular bonus offer by far is the Welcome or Sign-Up Bonus. As soon as a new player registers, they can take a match bonus on a certain deposit amount. These welcome bonuses are commonly attached to certain terms and conditions in the form of playthrough requirements. This means you have to wager the bonus money a certain number of times in order to claim your winnings. Wagering requirements dictate on what games and how much a player must play using the bonus and the deposit before she or he can withdraw winnings.

Another popular casino bonus is No Deposit Bonus which is commonly a part of a welcome bonus package. The bonus funds are commonly accessible to every player as soon as they register. The best gambling sites offer the best bonuses and promotions alongside the biggest jackpots. Therefore, if you are looking for those lucrative bonuses, make sure you check out our list of top rated online casinos. This way, as soon as you claim your generous bonus, you will start playing with an already nice amount added to your bankroll.

A Customer Must Always Come First

As we’ve already mentioned, before recommending an online casino, we carefully examine its customer support department. This is one of the most important aspects of any site out there and we give it a special importance. To be featured here, a site needs to offer reliable, dedicated, and well-educated customer support that is prompt to answer and available around the clock. We check online casinos’ response times and we test every communication method listed as available. We also carefully examine how helpful online casino venues are to their players. We all know that everyone may get stuck from time to time. You may need to inquire about the casino bonus terms and conditions, or maybe your withdrawal request is taking way to long.

In these and similar cases when you have questions and concerns, you need to contact the customer support department. The customer service should be available by email and live chat. The best gambling sites offer these methods, and sometimes you will come across an online venue even offering free phone numbers in addition to these basic methods. Either way, you want to get answers to your questions as soon as possible as you want to get back to your favorite games. The best in the industry have greatly responsive customer support departments commonly available in several languages. Therefore, before you spend your real money make sure to check out our list of top online casinos with reliable and greatly responsive customer support agents who are more than happy to help players, address every issue they may encounter, and just be there for them at any time.

Information IS Power

Now, you are finally ready to go out there and play your favorite casino games online. You know where and what to look for especially if you have our online casino guide next to you. This extensive guide, alongs ide our dedicated pages covering various specific topics, should provide you with ample information you need to get started in style.

To wrap it up, always play with safe and reliable casinos with a proper license and independently tested games. Make sure to get the best bonus offers out there and take advantage of all the promos you can get, because these can really help grow your bankroll. Finally, make sure to give yourself plenty of options with a nice selection of games and only play with casinos capable of offering a dedicated and knowledgable customer support to avoid any unnecessary headaches.